Talent is distributed around the world and the best ideas are built for niche communities. We want to work with investors who are passionate about discovering the next generation of unsung heroes — the people creating software cults somewhere on the internet.” — Chapter One

Since the creation of Chapter One in 2017, we've moved quickly.

We've had the incredible privilege of investing in over 50 companies, and we've met hundreds of founders, investors, operators and friends along the way. This past summer, we welcomed three teams into our inaugural Product Club cohort, the most personalized product mentorship program for early-stage startups (you can read more about that here). Now, as we wrap up Product Club, we're excited to announce Chapter One's next endeavor.

The Chapter One Scout Program, launching October 2020:

How does the Chapter One Scout Program work?

In a true partnership, partners split carry — we want you to feel the same way. As such, Chapter One shares economic upside with our scouts (scouts will receive half of Chapter One's carry on each investment they make). In addition, we focus on non-economic benefits:

The Chapter One Scout Program is selecting three scouts who have demonstrated interest in any of the following areas:

Most scout programs are opaque and impossible for everyone to access. We decided to open source the search process and created this public "Request For Scouts" to make our program more accessible.

A successful Chapter One Scout:

Scouts who join the Chapter One team will: