Startup investors bet on the jockey, not the horse.

Product Club has a significant focus on personalized mentorship to help founders become better entrepreneurs in the long run. Our mentors provide insight into topics like attracting a high-performing team, creating a go-to-market strategy, and building for scale.

Former CPO at Uber. Product at Google Maps. Startup investor, advisor & entrepreneur.

Product Lead at Twitter, Snap & Facebook. Early stage startup investor & advisor.

Investor at Lightspeed VP. Former Head of Growth at Slack. Founder of Women In Product.

Head of Design at Zenly & Sensei. Design at Path, Digg. Startup entrepreneur & advisor.

CPO at Adobe. CEO & Founder of Behance. Early investor & advisor in Pinterest, Uber, Periscope.

VP Product at Robinhood. Product at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Investor in Medium, TikTok, Discord.

Product at Slack. Startup advisor, investor & entrepreneur. Cofounder of BlackPMs.

Former CPO at Tinder. Investor in SpaceX, Lyft, AngelList & Notion.